Governors’ Great BIG Summer 2023 Challenge!

Over the holidays, we challenge as many children as possible to raise £20.23 as part of our music studio fundraising. Think you’re up to it? Imagine what we could achieve together if so!

Your plan can be as simple, fun and as imaginative as you like. You could consider a sponsored event, making and selling things or just by completing jobs for others. You could even pair up with a friend or family member to complete as a team!

Whatever you choose, make sure you have lots of fun and remember that this figure is just a target – anything extra is a huge BONUS! Everyone taking part will receive a special medal and we even have a reward for the class who raises the most amount of money …

A letter with a sponsorship form on the reverse will come home with children this week, including a slip to return with any monies raised.  Please remember to include  your name, class and total amount raised before returning to your teacher no later than Friday 8th September, 2023.

We’d love to see what you get up to – if you’d like to share a photo, please send to and we’ll feature them on our social media stories. Who knows, you may just inspire somebody else too!


Have lots of fun fundraising and good luck, from all your Governors at Southill Primary


Need an extra form? Here’s a copy of our letter below:

Governors’ Great BIG 2023 Challenge


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