Summer Term Forest School Session1

3 days into the term and the sun appeared.  At the same time, some new and excited Forest Schoolers also appeared at the fire circle, all ready for 12 weeks of child centered learning involving play, exploration and supported risk taking.  And we are off!

First up, making friends with others in the group and what better way than to explore the woodland walk, make friendship bracelets and decide on our Forest School names?  In this group, we have a monkey, megalodon, shark, octopus, zebra 1 and 2, eagle, elephant, snake, lizard, falcon and narwhal!  What fantastic names!

We then talked through the physical boundaries at Forest School and how keeping to the paths in the woods, will help new growth of trees and plants in the woodland walk.  The woodland is looking so green, lush and really has come alive over the holidays.  We decided on our Forest Friendship Code that we will write on the black board next week.  Then it was off for a nature treasure hunt which was made a little tricky as we needed to collect 6 items, but we only had 10 seconds to memorise what they were!  Everyone did really well!

Then it was time to choose activities.  Many enjoyed chilling in a hammock for the first time.  It was so lovely to see turn taking, sharing, helping one another and listening to everyone just chat.

There is evidence that some of us relaxed a lot… and what a wonderful sight!

Others enjoyed the muddy kitchen.  On offer today was stew, chocolate milkshakes and teas.  They were all delightful!

There was a really fun game of tag which then evolved into sticky tag by using clevers or sticky grass!  Mrs Butler may or may have not started this one!

There was some great resilience and perseverance at the raised vegetable beds where the earth was cleared of weeds and onions were planted.  Next week, we are hoping to get the potatoes in too.  A really long worm was found too so we ensured it went back in the soil safely and left to do what it does best.

Using wool and natural items, craft items were made.  This included two God’s Eyes.

Next week’s session is going to be jammed packed including the children introducing the adults to a game called ‘Imposter’.  We very much look forward to that as well as clearing some of the woodland and sorting out some branches for den building, planting potatoes, making some delicious recipes from the muddy kitchen and also some hammock time.   Our ‘Magic Spots’ will be chosen too.

We can’t wait – don’t forget your sun cream.  Well, here’s hoping!

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