Super Surgeons

Super Surgeons


This morning, in order to kick start our brand new topic with a bang, the children became surgeons as they learnt all about the circulatory system. Originally we intended on dissecting sheep hearts. Instead however, we focused on the heart of a cow (and boy is it big).


We learnt all about the four chambers of the heart, how the heart operates and how deoxygenated and oxygenated red blood cells travel through the heart and to the rest of the vital organs in the body. It works very much like a bike pump, although instead of air it pumps blood.


Dr. Prior and Dr. Bell were mightily impressed with the enthusiasm, listening skills and reciprocity of the class. They listened intently, dissected carefully and have already learnt a great deal about the heart in the first couple of hours of being back at school!


Who knows…we could have inspired future doctors and veterinarians that may one day save a life. A huge thank you to Kiwi Butchers in Dorchester who very kindly gave us the hearts for free in order to help us to educate the children.


Well done, Year 6!


12 comments on “Super Surgeons

  1. Well done Year 6! Great to see you getting started on your new topic. Looks like you had fun and learned lots! Mrs Wood

  2. I’m not sure about being a vet now….

  3. I stuck my hand in the aorta and it was disgusting😂😂. It was very interesting and fun

  4. I NEVER EVER WANT TO BE A VET OR A DOCTOR OR EITHER A NURSE 🤢🤢🤮. I never ever Want to do that lesson again thank You, But it was So cool to learn All about the heart and how it works so thank you Mr . P .

  5. It was so fun but also really disgusting I don’t really want to be a vet or doctor .it was very interesting and I liked it

  6. I really enjoyed dissecting a cow’s heart.😊

  7. George was telling us all about oxygenated and deoxygenated blood, sounds like he learnt loads.

  8. George Lainsbury says:

    Thank you Mr Prior it was an amazing lesson and I learnt a lot. I had lots of fun holding and dissecting the cows heart. Poor Betty cow🐮😢

  9. This was really fun and I hope I can do it again in secondary school!!

  10. this was an interesting experience i would never do that again but i can wait to find out more so this is gonna be exciting !! cant wait

  11. I want to be a vet 😃 I really liked this activity I want to do it again 🤣!!!

  12. It was the best. Thankyou mr p 😊.

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