Sweet Peas and Sculptures

Over the past few weeks, we have watched our sweet pea seeds grow into plants! We have been responsible for watering them each day and from their place on the windowsill, they have certainly benefited from the lovely weather we have been having recently. All of this sunshine has provided our plants with plenty of light and warmth.

Every week, we have spent time observing the changes in our plants and recording our observations in our sweet pea diaries. We measure the length of the stems and count to see how many leaves there are. Next week, we will be planting our sweet peas outside in our school garden so that we can continue to watch them grow!

Elsewhere on our windowsill garden, the onion sets receiving water, warmth and light have grown tall, healthy leaves – one measuring 26cm when we checked on Wednesday! Interestingly, some of the onion sets in the cupboard being watered have also developed leaves – however, these are droopy and a light green colour. Meanwhile, the sets on the windowsill without water have not sprouted. We will continue to observe these different groups and conclude our experiment next week.

In Geography, we have been learning about exotic plants that grow in the Amazon Rainforest. This week in Art, we used the skill of observation to begin to create our own ‘rainforest sculptures’.  Focusing initially on giant leaves and water lilies, we began by shaping soft wire to create the frames for our sculptures. We then needed to add our chosen colours of tissue paper, considering different techniques for creating texture. Throughout the lesson we had to work reciprocally with our partners to achieve the best results – take a look at this in action below!

What an exciting topic this has been so far! Have a lovely weekend everybody.

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