The Blitz!

The Blitz!


We’ve had an exciting time learning a little more about our topic this week. Today, the children finished their colourful Blitz pictures. We began by watch a video all about when and why the Blitz took place. Feel free to take a look…


We’ve learnt about blending colours in order to create a bright, vibrant background. We used wax crayons and discussed which colours would work best. It was clear that red, orange and yellow would portray the Blitz effectively. The children were required to blend the colours together using their finger.


We then turned our attention to creating an effective city silhouette in the foreground.   The masking tape that we had stuck onto our page to begin with could then be ripped off to create torch beams as we found out that large, powerful search lights were used to identify enemy planes.


Take a look at some of the brilliant finished products below…






7 comments on “The Blitz!

  1. I enjoyed learning the history of world war 2 and making the the picture

  2. I really enjoyed today it was the best art lesson ever!!!I loved having a bit of golden time after too. thank you Mr Prior!???

  3. Great art work everyone!

  4. Ah, well done year 6, your art work looks amazing!

  5. i loved making the blitz picture

  6. that lesson was all fun to do I loved it lot because I love doing art at school.

  7. I liked doing this a lot ?

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