Year 4 Running London Marathon!

The 2020 London Marathon may not be going ahead as normal but that hasn’t stopped Year 4 tackling the event in a style of their own. During the Daily Mile, the children are keeping a tally of the laps they complete on the playground or field – nine laps equals a mile. Back in the classroom they can check the display of the special Year 4 London Marathon route and see which London landmark they have reached or are approaching. The children have already passed the Cutty Sark and the O2 Arena and some have even crossed Tower Bridge! Most children seem to have set their sights on completing sixteen miles by which time they will have reached Hamley’s Toy shop!

All the children have made a great start to the marathon and in the current warm weather that’s particularly impressive. Keep it up Year 4, you’re doing brilliantly.

One comment on “Year 4 Running London Marathon!

  1. Mia Gillicker says:

    i love the london marathon 🙂

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