The Continents Song

The Continents Song


When asking children what the seven continents are, we had quite a few blank faces at the beginning of the week. However, thanks to the power of music, the children can now confidently tell you what they are. Go ahead, ask them!

This new-found knowledge has helped the children locate a wide range of rivers and I am sure it will help them to find mountains of the world next week!

Well done, Year 4. You performed the song superbly.

Mr. P


5 comments on “The Continents Song

  1. I had so much fun!

  2. Harley Axten says:

    I loved this song and singing it.

  3. I loved learning the 7 continents

  4. Imogen Jones says:

    That’s really good year 4. Mr Prior obviously taught you well!

  5. Amazing year4 I so sad i missed out on that but great job i wish you the best .

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