Paper Chain Challenge

As part of our PSHE Jigsaw piece ‘Dreams and Goals’ we have been thinking about how it feels to work together to achieve a shared goal so this week we worked in small groups to complete the paper chain challenge. We had to make the longest paper chain we could from one piece of A4 paper. We soon realised that we all worked better as a team if we each had a job to do, we communicated with each other, taking turns to speak and listen, and all agreed on what needed to be done. We all really enjoyed working together and feeling successful as part of a team.

2 comments on “Paper Chain Challenge

  1. Lucy Desmond - Weeks says:

    We heard all about this task & jigsaw this week. Ostin enjoyed the paper chain making . Thank you for another memorable week in Year 2

  2. Mrs Murray says:

    Great teamwork Year 2 – a class of Agent Buzzbees!

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