The Return of the Great Southill Easter Egg Hunt!

Today was an eggcellent day.  In fact, today was eggtremely significant as it brought eggactly what we had all been waiting for … the return of our amazing Friends of Southill School (FOSS) and a super fun event that we could enjoy as a whole-school.  We made great memories today!

Each class eagerly took on the challenge of searching for three different coloured straws carefully hidden outside.  Some of us managed this mighty quickly, while others were harder to find.  This added to the eggcitement of the afternoon!  Once all straws had been found, they could be eggchanged for an Easter treat.

We are so very grateful to the members of FOSS who organised this event at short notice and who gave up their time to come in today, this could not have taken place without you. Also, for the first time this event was provided at no cost to our parents/carers, your support is so very much appreciated.

This was the first event that we’ve been able to enjoy in nearly 16 months.  We think our smiles say it all, check out the masses of photos below …

THANK YOU FOSS!  From all the children at Southill Primary

We hope you all have a really Happy Easter


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