There’s A Real Buzz In Year 3 !

Another great week in Year 3 – helped by the fact that there’s been lots of reciprocity in action –particularly in our Maths No Problem lessons. To get the most out our learning we have to exercise our reciprocal learning muscles – which we have done to such a great extent this week that Agent Buzzbee has been photographed flying around the classroom (see photos below).

We had a special, amazing, fantastic surprise on Friday. A real live author zoooomed her way from Oxford to read some of her stories and answer our questions. Teresa Heapy’s innovated stories of traditional tales are great. Very Little Red Riding Hood and Very Little Cinderella put a new twist onto such well known stories. Thank you Dorset Libraries for organising this.

And of course on Thursday we had another installment of poetry performances from 2 of our Year 3 friends. We are really loving poems and the chance to perform.

Have a good weekend everyone.




5 comments on “There’s A Real Buzz In Year 3 !

  1. I apserlootley loved that zoom call
    I loved the wonder tree and the very little

  2. Well done Albert and Scarlett, really fantastic performance!

  3. Isabel Sanderson says:

    I loved listening to Teresa Heapy’s stories and I am even innovating one myself called the very little superhero!

  4. I liked all the poems

  5. I really liked the poems especially Michal Rosen.

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