Transition Afternoon – From Year 1 to Year 2!

Wow, what a fun afternoon we have had with Miss Knight, Mrs Harris and Mrs Murray in Year 2!

First, we talked about the different grown ups that will support us in Year 2, where we will put our things such as our bags, and where our trays will be in the classroom. We also discussed the different things we will be learning about – fractions, time, monarchs, sewing, plants and so much more!

Then we listened to a story – The Mega Magic Teacher Swap by Rochelle Humes. It was about two girls who make a wish to stay with their current teacher, but realise that moving to a new class is so much fun! We related the story to moving up to Year 2, and talked about how we are feeling.

We created some lovely bunting for the classroom, and made mosaic self portraits. Check out our lovely work!

We played some games together too. What a fun afternoon! We can’t wait for September!


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