Turning our attention to TEETH!

Turning our attention to TEETH!


This afternoon, we started to look at our teeth in a lot more detail. We began by establishing what our teeth do and what they are called. After that, we then began to count how many teeth we have in our own mouths! The children used their finger to feel their teeth in order to identify each tooth. After that, the children looked at the anatomy of a tooth, how teeth are different depending on the diet of a particular animal and how we can look after our teeth. The children used handouts and online sources in order to find this information and were able to confidently answer my quickfire questions even after the science books were packed away.

Next week, we will be conducting an experiment all about teeth. Children will need their toothbrushes for this activity (don’t worry we will send a Ping to remind you).

Well done, Year 4! We certainly learnt a great deal about our terrific teeth!


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  1. I learnt that carnivors have sharp teeth called canine teeth to rip and tear meat and herbivors have flat teeth to grind plants but omnivors have both canine and flat teeth.

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