Everyday materials

Over the past few weeks we have been learning all about different materials.

As part of this topic the children have explored; natural and human made materials, properties and uses of everyday materials and of course had a SUPER den building day putting some of their new knowledge into practise.

In the gallery below you can see different lessons from throughout the topic. Including our materials detective game where the children had to guess the teachers objects after hearing about its properties. For example, I am absorbent. I am bendy. I am opaque. What am I? A sponge! Everyone then had a go with the partner at creating their own clues for their friend to guess.

You can also see a picture of our waterproof investigation. Before starting we worked as a class to decide which variable we would change and what we would need to keep the same, in order to make it a fair test. This was quite tricky as this is brand new learning for us in Year 1. We then made some predictions before we started.

We have really enjoyed this topic and it has been amazing to see the children so engaged with their learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

Well done year 1, you are super scientists!

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