Visit to Corfe Castle

Class Two have been on a trip to Corfe Castle today and what a super day it’s been!

After travelling on the coach for about half an hour, we spotted the castle ruins towering on the hill above us. What a spectacular sight! We then began the long walk up to the castle, following the river as we went, and finally crossed the first bridge to the outer gatehouse. Once inside the castle, we sat in the bailey and ate our snacks. Soon Caroline, our tour guide, came to meet us and took us on an exciting tour of the castle. We learnt all about who built the castle, about the purpose of the different parts of the castle and finished with a tour of the keep and gloriette, the posh parts! The children were most interested to learn about the murder holes and the job of the gong scourer. See if they can tell you about these things.

We finished the day with an ‘I spy’ hunt in teams trying to find clues to parts of the castle that are still visible like the wells, the portcullis groove, arrow loops and windows. Finally, we made our way back to the coach and back to school.

The children were well behaved and listened carefully to Caroline, asking and answering questions with enthusiasm, so well done children.

I would also like to thank our helpers, Miss McCourt, Mr Squibb, Mr Barton, Miss White and Mr Brown, not forgetting of course Mrs Lockwood and Mr Bell. Without you a trip like this would not be possible, so thank you.

Above are some of the photos from the day and below are the photos the children took themselves of the things that interested them at the castle, oh and some selfies and group shots!

4 comments on “Visit to Corfe Castle

  1. I had a lovely day at corfe castle from Ralph 😀

  2. Emily Jones says:

    Albert had such a fun time, thanks for arranging such a great trip and to all who went along.

  3. I really enjoyed going to Corfe Castle especially walking to the top of the castle. Thank you Mrs Murray.

  4. Izzy year 2 says:

    I loved our school trip! Thank you Mrs Murray!

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