Voilà ma famille

Bonjour from Year 3!

For our French lesson this afternoon we welcomed a very special guest … from France!!

We were learning vocabulary for our family members and practising how to introduce them. Lysander’s Aunty Gayle (who is visiting this weekend from Chamonix in France) dropped in to help us with our lesson.

Year 3 were brilliant – they were able to greet our visitor and introduce themselves. Then they wrote labels for their own family members on photos that they’d brought in from home. C’était fantastique!! J’étais très fier.

Thank you Gayle for visiting – it really helped us with our vocab. Merci!

Also in today’s news …

We enjoyed our penultimate swimming lesson – last one next week. The children have all been brilliant and made progress with their swimming. Well done everyone!



5 comments on “Voilà ma famille

  1. Thanks that was the best fun French lesson ever

  2. I love learning french.(:(:

  3. I love learning French. Family edition.

  4. Bonjour,

    Merci Mrs Wood and class 3 for the invitation to join you for your French lesson. I really enjoyed helping you with your learning.

    À bientôt! (‘See you soon!’)

    Gayle (Lysander’s Aunty)

  5. I really loved doing french with lysander Aunty. Thank you

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