Wartime Leaders

Wartime Leaders


This afternoon, Year 6 focused their attention on finding fascinating facts all about historical wartime leaders associated with World War Two.


They needed to ensure that:


  • They were finding reliable sources of information on the internet
  • The PowerPoint presentation was eye-catching


Hitler, Stalin, Churchill…we now know why some of these people were significant in history. I must say, some children really demonstrated excellent ICT skills during this activity and were able to produce a very professional and informative PowerPoint presentation. With a little more time to polish the PowerPoints tomorrow afternoon, I’m sure that they will look excellent stuck in their Project books.


Well done, Year 6


2 comments on “Wartime Leaders

  1. Isla Blaker says:

    Oh my goodness!
    What a photo you got of me Mr. Prior! 😂
    I really enjoyed making a slide show about Adolf Hitler (a war time leader).
    I was a bit crazy though!
    But, thank you soo much Mr. Prior! You really are great at making lessons fun for us!

  2. I loved it. Thanks mr prior 😊

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