We are READY for Rounders!

We are READY for Rounders!


This afternoon, children basked in the beautiful sunshine as they began to learn about the game of rounders on the top field. We started off with a little warm-up which required one child to be blindfolded and the rest of the class to run around the rounders bases and choose a base to stand by. If the blindfolded person then said the number base they were stood by, they were OUT! A very fun and energetic way to begin the lesson…

We then focused on the three key ingredients to rounders: bowling, batting and fielding. We discussed and demonstrated the correct technique when bowling and batting. The children then worked in threes and tried to develop their hand-eye coordination when throwing, catching and hitting the ball.

Finally, we put these new skills to the test as the children participated in a game of ‘three-ball rounders’. After being split into two teams, the batter would come out, face three balls and then the moment the third ball had been thrown the fielders could then try and retrieve the tennis balls. Would the batter get around the rounders pitch in time or would the fielders successfully get all three balls into the hoop beforehand?

It was tremendous fun and, despite the heat, the children did not want the lesson to stop!

We have a Year 4 rounders competition at Budmouth coming up so I will be looking at taking 10 lucky children who are working hard and impressing over the coming weeks in order to represent Southill against other primary schools in the local area.

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