Weather Themed Art

To settle us back into school after the Christmas break we have been working with our friends to create some weather themed art.

In Year 1 we have started to learn about Transient Art. This is where you create artwork using loose parts by placing open- ended resources together on a surface. As part of transient art children explore shape, space, pattern, positioning, colour, texture and overlapping whilst creating art work which is not permenant.

Below you can see examples of our artwork which we have based on different types of weather. We started the lesson working with a partner to create the ‘weather’ before walking around the Year 1 gallery to look at one another’s. Next we packed our artwork away, and then created a different type of weather using the same range of loose part resources. We repeated this process several times to emphasises the point that the same resources can be repositioned and swapped around to create different images.

Throughout the next part of the day we started to explore different lines and shapes as well as different materials and their textures. We will be bringing this together later in the week when we create our own prints using a technique called ‘Collagraphy’.

A great start to the new term – well done Year 1!


2 comments on “Weather Themed Art

  1. Lovely artwork everyone! What a great start to the term!

  2. Katie Dunne says:

    Wow! A really lovely start to the term😊 Thank you so much!

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