Week Four of Lockdown? Completed it Mate!

Week Four of Lockdown? Completed it Mate! 


This has by far been the best week so far during the lockdown. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone crackers. Let me explain…


I was rather worried about the quality of work I would receive based on the nature of activities set this week, however I have been blown away. Video diaries, eye-catching comic strips, news bulletins about climate change, posters detailing the effects of global warming and that’s just the beginning…tricky math calculations, portal stories and even some physical activities thrown in for good measure. It’s been an action-packed week!


Those of you who have put 100% effort into your activities this week, well done! It has been a joy to see and mark your wonderful work. Below, I have attached a number of pictures and videos capturing some of the impressive work that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing and marking this week.


Well done, Year 6. Have an epic weekend!


Mr. Prior 🙂

Scott of the Antarctic





Comic Strips 




Climate Change Projects and Posters 


One comment on “Week Four of Lockdown? Completed it Mate!

  1. Wow amazing!
    This week has been a great week and all the work looks incredible! I’m missing everyone and can’t wait to get back to school!

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