It was lovely seeing the school filled with children once again as they excitedly made their way back through the school gates ready to embark on a new school year. After hanging up their belongings in the cloakroom, the children had a go at a wordsearch containing the names of all their classmates. We then discussed all the exciting things that will be happening not only this week but this year.

The children were then asked to create a piece of artwork around their name which tells me a little bit about them. From brothers and sisters to pizza, sports clubs to pets, I feel like I’ve gotten to know them all so well already!

After break, the children listened to the first chapter of our story ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ where we were introduced to the four characters and why they had to leave their mother behind in London. To conclude the morning, we played a hilarious maths activity called ‘The Unfair Game’.  Not only did it test the children’s maths knowledge, it also taught them to show sportsmanship, work as a team and to want to win (yet not take it too seriously so that it spoils the fun). The kids were great and had lots of fun with this activity. Congratulations to team Griffin who despite the fact they were in last place for much of the game, ended up being crowned champions.

The children spent the afternoon with Mrs. Aitken as they drew up the class charter, signed the classroom contract and thought about their aspirations for the year ahead.

A very successful first day back. Well done, Year 4!

Mr. Prior


6 comments on “WELCOME BACK!

  1. Molly Foster says:

    Oooh hope everyone enjoyed!

  2. Lucas had a great time in class today!

  3. Fleur Gammon says:

    Thank you Mr Prior for a good first day. I had lots of fun 🤩

  4. Maxwell Coles says:

    I had lots of fun playing the unfair game today.

  5. Avril Guile says:

    The unfair game was so much fun.

  6. The unfair game was so much fun and well done griffin . 😊

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