Welcome to our Book-Nic!

This afternoon we welcomed our September 2022 Reception starters to school at our new Book-Nic event!

It was wonderful to see so many excited faces waiting to meet us as we made our way to our school field.

Everyone set up their picnic rug/blanket, started their picnic and enjoyed sharing books they had brought with them.

The children enjoyed meeting both familiar and new friends whilst sharing books, drawing and playing together.

Towards the end of the Book-Nic Mrs Puddick introduced us to our summer treasure hunt challenge. We all took home our special treasure hunt bags! We will bring our treasures to school in September.

Many thanks to everyone who came to join us this afternoon. Enjoy looking at these photos of our event.

One comment on “Welcome to our Book-Nic!

  1. Molly Foster says:

    Just thinking about it they will be our new buddies this year 😃😃😃

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