We’re going MAD for Maths in Year 4!

We’re going MAD for Maths in Year 4!


To celebrate ‘Math’s Week’ in style, Year Four have been extremely busy doing all sorts of super sums!


Monday – TT ROCKSTARS contest begins. I have to say that Corey-Jay, Oliver W and Seth who have absolutely smashed their times tables this week!


Tuesday – We took part in an online workshop called ‘Surprise Surprise’. The children learnt about all kinds of maths tricks and took part in some problem solving activities.


Wednesday – On Wednesday, there was a ‘Murder at the Movies!’ The children were given a list of suspects and, through answering mathematical clues left at the crime scene, they had to eliminate all the innocent people and find the culprit!


Thursday –¬†Where’s the Maths in that? We began by looking at a range of images of things such as supermarket shelves, the Eiffel Tower, a construction site and asked children to consider whether they could see any maths taking place. We then explored the local environment using iPads in order to find images around our school grounds. Using PicCollage, the children then had to make a poster explaining what maths they could see in the picture/s they had taken.


Friday- To round the week off in style, the children buddied up and took part in some maths orienteering. They were required to work in pairs/threes in order to find locations around the school grounds using their map. Once they had found the location, a mathematical questions awaited them. They could only unlock the next question if they worked reciprocally and solved the previous problem.


As you can see, it’s been a busy week indeed for Year 4, however I hope that they have loved all the mathematical learning that has taken place this week. Maths really is important and it is indeed all around us!


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  1. Becca Sanderson says:

    Well done Year 4, such a busy Maths Week!

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