Weymouth FC are joined by some new players!

The long-awaited training session for our boys’ football team finally happened this week. The event was arranged for the winners and runners-up of a football competition from before Christmas, which had been postponed due to bad weather.

No such worries on this rearranged date, although the weather at Redlands was as often is – windy cold and grey. This didn’t put our lads off though, and they entered into the practice drills with energy and great gusto! The training session involved contributions from some high profile names – the first-team coach, the first-team captain, the ladies’ coach and some other assistant coaches who really made an effort to organise a busy and fun afternoon. Our thanks go to Weymouth FC for organising the event.


One comment on “Weymouth FC are joined by some new players!

  1. They were a credit to the school!

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