What Makes SOUTHILL Smile?

Inspired by a recent project by The Children’s Bookshow featuring several children’s book illustrators from around the world sharing pictures of things that make them smile, we decided to do the same here at Southill.  Times are rather strange and unusual at the moment, with much restriction and uncertainty.  It’s easy to find yourself feeling a little bit blue and often more of a challenge to be a 2%er. However, no matter how busy or worried we might feel it’s always so very important to take the time to do things which make you smile, which ultimately make you feel happy and to take the time to look after yourself.

We’ve collected drawings and photos from both children and staff who have taken the time to share the things that make them smile, in the hope that we can share some POSITIVITY during a difficult time in the world right now.  We hope that they make you smile too!

Thank you to everybody who joined in.

Keep SMILING! 😁💙🌟🦋


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