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Parents Evenings

Teachers are busy preparing a short report for you in place of parent evening appointments this term. As previously explained, covid restrictions mean that we have to keep the numbers of visitors into school to an absolute minimum and so face-to-face appointments cannot be organised. The report will be sent to you instead.

Along with the report, teachers will send two photographs of children’s work – a piece of writing and a piece from their maths journal. It’s not quite the same as looking through their books but we hope it will help give you an understanding of how your child has started school this term

The reports will be sent to you during next week via email. As always, if you have any questions about the reports please get in touch.

Changes to arrival times

We’re going to alter the drop-off and collection arrangements after the half term break.

Having started the term with a well regimented system of arrival times, mornings have now become a bit of a free-for-all with children arriving at all sorts of times. This hasn’t seemed to be a problem however, because parents have been very good at just dropping and going – so there has been no gathering of large numbers of people on the playground.

To make life easier for everyone, we’re now going to organise this a bit differently by having a shorter window for dropping-off children – and this window will be for all age groups. The window will be open from 8.40am to 9am. All children should arrive during this time.

As our oldest children will no longer be coming in first, collection times are also changing as follows:

Year 1 and 2:       3.05

Year 3 and 4:       3.10

Year 5 and 6:       3.15

Drop-off/collection times and arrangements for Reception children remain the same.

Assemblies and celebrations

Following the installation of cameras in all classes, we are now running weekly online assemblies. It’s a great chance to see everyone, to celebrate birthdays and to talk about some whole-school issues.

I’d like to get a bit more involvement from the children and so am hoping to encourage everyone to share certificates, awards and special announcements as we used to do on Friday afternoons. We can only really do this as pictures please, so I’m asking for photos of children doing fabulous things that they would love to share with the rest of the school. Thank you for your help.

2 comments on “Headteacher’s News

  1. Is reception pick up time staying the same? Thank you

  2. Yes, Reception drop-off and collection arrangements are working well so we won’t be changing those. Thank you.

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