Year 1 are getting creative!

We have been super busy this week in Year 1 getting creative!

After Mr Smith’s ‘Feel Great 8’ assembly last week Year 1 were inspired to make some ‘Feel Great 8’ stickers. We started off the lesson making a sticker for our friend – these had a little message on them to help our friend feel great. For example ‘ You make me happy’ or ‘You are a good friend’.We then made some stickers linking to each of part of the ‘Feel Great 8’  which will be used by the schools ‘Feel Great Mates’ around the school!

On Thursday afternoon we looked back at some special memories. Each child bought in a photograph from home and shared it with rest of the class. We then looked at some artist’s work who have painted or drawn special occasions and had a go at creating our own!

All children started off with the primary colours and black and white. They then had to mix the colours that they needed for their painting on their palette thinking and work out how to make them darker or lighter.

I am really proud of how well everyone persevered with this challenge and didn’t give up! This is the first time we have all had our own set of paints and all tried coloring mixing at the same time so it was important that everyone was being sensible and looking after their own art equipment.

Such a fantastic week Year 1 – Well done!



4 comments on “Year 1 are getting creative!

  1. Vicki Potts says:

    What a brilliant idea to make stickers with lovely messages for friends. Matilda was so pleased about hers from Amelia 🙂

  2. I love going to school and miss curtis is the best ?

  3. Florence cleave says:

    Amazing work year 1 ?

  4. LYSANDER Bugler says:

    Fantastic and fun…that’s what Lysander thought.

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