Year 3’s busy day

What a great day we have had in Year 3 today!

First, we all met at the swimming pool for our very first swimming lesson together. The children were beautifully behaved. I was so proud of them. The staff at the pool commented on how excellent they were! Well done Year 3!

This is what the children said about the swimming lesson …

  • “It was amazing! I learned how to cross my legs to do a new stroke.” Nancy
  • “I learned how to push and glide.” Noah
  • “It was really fun. I love swimming!” Lacey
  • “It was exciting swimming with my friends.” Esme
  • “I finally learned how to paddle my feet properly.” Oscar
  • “I learned how to do a straddle jump into the water and not let my head go under.” Taylor
  • “I loved going in the water.” Sonny C
  • “It was our first time going swimming together as a class. It was so exciting!” Alex

Back at school we had our spelling and number facts test. Again, the children are doing so well each week – the practice they are putting in at home is definitely paying off.

Then we visited the library. The children told me that they really look forward to this part of the week. There are always new books to look out for.

Linking into our Predator topic, we worked on a classic poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson called The Eagle and we really looked into the vocabulary and meaning of the poem.

After lunch, we took part in an amazing Stormbreak called Mood Shift where we focused on how we express different feelings. It was very calming.

Then, we carried on with our Rousseau inspired tiger collages. In this lesson we learned lots of different elements of art – line, shape, colour, form, texture, space and value. Hopefully we’ll finish these next week but they are looking awesome already.

Finally, it was time for Stars assembly where we congratulated Matilda for being our Stormbreaker of the week and Amy as our Star Learner for being so resourceful  in her writing.

Well done Year 3. I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted now!  I hope you have a super weekend and come back next week for more exciting things.

Mrs Wood

2 comments on “Year 3’s busy day

  1. Mrs Symonds says:

    WOW Year 3 your tiger collages are looking AMAZING! Well done to you all, I can’t wait to see them all on display 🤩🐯


    Awesome activities Year 3 – Southill at it’s best!

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