Year 6 Sports Day

Year 6 Sports Day


We have had a blast today! As we are unable to meet as a whole school, Year 6 have had their very own sports day.


Last week, the children met in their teams and signed up to events that they wished to compete in to try and earn valuable points for their house team. Here are some of the events that took place today:


  • 100-metre sprint
  • Hurdles
  • Tyre Pull
  • Long Jump
  • Shotput
  • Relay
  • Cross-Country run
  • Egg and Spoon Race
  • Sack Race


I cannot fault the attitude and determination of the children. They were absolutely outstanding. Cheering each other on, showing great sportsmanship and representing their house teams to the best of their ability.


After all the points were counted and verified, it was revealed that team Phoenix had won Y6 Sports Day.  Many congratulations to Phoenix, however well done to all teams for putting on a great spectacle!


As you, the parents and the wider Southill community, could not be part of our sports day why not take a look at the video below to get a flavour of what our day involved.


All that’s left to say is have a wonderful half term, Year 6!


Mr. Prior




13 comments on “Year 6 Sports Day

  1. I loved doing this and the hardest event that I did was the 800m and a big congratulations to Phoenix!

  2. Omg that video is insane and all those action shots are so cool. That was the best sports day I have ever had so thank you mr Prior. (PS. everyone did AMAZING)

  3. I absolutely loved today it was so fun and I can’t believe we won well done to everyone!!
    That was the best sports day I have ever had. Thank you Mr Prior

  4. Amazing fun I had today Mr. Prior! I really loved doing all my activities especially the Hurdles and I can’t believe I got to the finals in that! It was a great end to the half term and I’m so glad we found a way to make sports day happen this year as it’s one of my favourite events in school! 😁

  5. Sean Blaker says:

    Well Done Isla! Even from the Mediterranean i can cheer you on! Well done to you all!

  6. Amelia.l says:

    I loved today. Best sports day I have ever had and it’s great that everyone did something!Thank your Mr.P

  7. Amie woodward says:

    Thankyou Mr prior. I had the best day and loved watching the video. Everyone was amazing.

  8. I loved sports day especially when I got to do the sack-race and the target throw it’s been a lovely term

  9. I really enjoyed today especially the sports day I had so much fun thankyou mr prior for making it fun for us all 🙂

  10. Josh Collins says:

    Well done phoenix

    It was lots of fun! Thanks Mr P! 😁

  11. i almost fainted after the 800m sprint

  12. Isabella says:

    That was so fun thanks Mr prior

  13. THAT WAS SO FUN !!!

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