Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Our special needs co-ordinator (SENCO) is Marie Minter, who is also currently our Year 6 teacher.

Our inclusive and happy school is a popular choice amongst local parents. The school offers a bright and stimulating learning environment, both inside and out, where all children thrive whatever their ability. Through our inclusive approach, our children are treated consistently with kindness, respect and fairness. We are committed to creatively providing opportunities that inspire and encourage our children, appreciating all their unique needs. We are equally committed to providing a safe school for all our children, providing the resources and environment for all children to flourish, to succeed and to reach their full potential.

Special Educational Needs Information Report
At Southill Primary School we strive to support all children to enable them to achieve at school. In order to do this many steps are taken to support them through their learning. Quality teaching is vital; however for some children there are occasions when further additional support may be needed to help them achieve their targets. We have prepared a report describing how we help children with SEN at Southill in more detail.

Click here to download our Information Report

Our Local Offer: We are pleased to describe our support for pupils with special educational needs and/or a disability in our ‘Local Offer’ – a document we have written that we hope will answer many of your questions. Please click here to download a copy: Southill SEND Local Offer. Paper copies are available if you would prefer – please contact our school office.