Darwin Diaries and Avoiding Animal Extinctions

Darwin Diaries and Avoiding Animal Extinctions


It’s been a busy final few days in Year 6. This half term, we’ve been learning all about Mr. Charles Darwin and his voyage around the world on the HMS Beagle. To demonstrate just how much the children had learnt about Darwin and his journey to places such as the Galapagos islands, they were required to write diary entries in order to document the expedition. They needed to think carefully about…


  • Vocabulary
  • Dates
  • Formal language/historically accurate
  • Sentence starters
  • Structure

The work submitted was truly outstanding! The children took real time and care over planning their diary entries before publishing their work today.


Additionally, the children have been busy learning about which animals are at risk of extinction. Using the WWF website, we looked at reasons why animals are dangerously close to becoming extinct and where in the world the animal they chose inhabits. The children worked incredibly well in their groups and produced some truly impressive projects about their chosen creatures.


Our voyage on the HMS Beagle has now officially ended. Keep an eye out for the ‘Knowledge Organiser’ which is being sent home tomorrow detailing what our new topic is about.


Well done, everybody!


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