Mountains and More!

How are mountains formed? How many different types of mountain are there and what are their  features? What is a mountain range? These are just a selection of the questions we have considered in our Topic lessons this week.  We also reached for the atlases once again, this time to locate significant mountains around the world!

We have also enjoyed a host of new Stormbreak activities this week. Today’s activity called ‘Classroom Cross Country’ took us on a trip to the zoo and reminded us that it is ok to make mistakes. Below are some photos of us having fun using actions relating to a variety of animals, including: penguins, giraffes, elephants, crocodiles and llamas.

Since we returned to school, we have been treated to a selection of book reviews written and presented by our peers. We have thoroughly enjoyed listening to these and look forward to more reading inspiration in the weeks to come!

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