We Have Struck Gold!

So this week, our trip to Alchemy Island reached it’s pinnacle as we did indeed, find the Gold!  We used our knowledge of material separation to filter, sieve and evaporate samples from around the Island and in a sample from an unknown location, we found the Gold!

Following the clues laid out for us, we found the Gold originated from Au Tor in the Summerwyn Kingdom!  As a treat, we saw a Fountain of Gold in action and learnt about the changes which happen in a chemical reaction!

Adding in some composing of theme tunes to match different areas of the Island and we have finished our journey through the portal to Alchemy Island.

Great resourceful thinking in a thoroughly enjoyable Science topic where we have really got to grips with experimenting like scientists and learning all about materials and how they change and can be separated, well done Year 5.

One comment on “We Have Struck Gold!

  1. Eliza🐲🐉🐾 says:

    It wasss ssoooo fun 🤩

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