BOOKFLIX in a Bubble!

With restrictions currently operating in school, as per government guidelines this means that (at present) we can no longer meet as a whole school and instead our classes act as bubbles to help keep us safe.  Whilst we are all enjoying being back at school with our friends and getting stuck into our learning, there are a few elements of school life that many of us miss.  From the offset it was very clear just how much we all love our beloved BOOKFLIX – with regular wonderings about when this can resume, “where is the trolley?” and of course our daily chats about our latest and greatest reads, being a school of such avid readers it was extremely important to us to keep this project up and running.

… and so, we are thrilled to announce the birth of BOOKFLIX in a Bubble! Whilst we cannot all visit the interactive display in the school hall, Mrs Wood’s treasure trove of an office (it’s bursting with books you know!) and the much loved trolley full of our trending titles, we are pleased to be able to bring top picks of the latest recommended reads to classes for children to browse, borrow and to enjoy!  Lucky KS1 got to be the first this week to test this out, there was a real buzz in the air as they couldn’t wait to see what books we had on offer and to be able to take one home.  Thank you to Mrs Harris for taking the time to organise the books and for giving us a helping hand with recommendations.

All KS1 children had the opportunity to visit BOOKFLIX within their bubble if they wished.  If your child brought a book home, this would have been a title that they chose to borrow themselves.  They may not include content that they can read themselves – this is perfectly fine.  Please enjoy these books together, as part of our reading for pleasure ethos we believe that there is nothing more perfect than being able to share precious moments together with a story or information book, even as a whole family.  You will notice that these books are labelled with our BOOKFLIX logo, please encourage your child to take care of them and we ask that they are returned to school on Tuesday of the following week so that they can be quarantined for 48 hours before the next BOOKFLIX session on a Thursday.

For more information on our brilliant BOOKFLIX, visit our webpage HERE. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at and we will gladly get back to you.

It was really great to bring BOOKFLIX back to you KS1.  Stand by KS2, your turn is on it’s way!

Until the next time – keep reading, keep recommending and keep telling us all about your latest reads.


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