Weather art

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about all things weather!

We have focused specifically on the wind over the last week, looking at the effect that is can have on our environment and our homes. We have also been learning all about Sir Francis Beaufort and The Beaufort scale. As a class we have used as class story map to learn some facts about how the scale works – starting on zero which is calm, all the way up to 12 which is a hurricane.

We have used images to support our understanding of what this might look like if we were looking at boats out at sea. What would happen to the waves? If you had a flag, would it fly?

Above you can see some of our amazing collages which we have been working on this week.  We have been working in stages, letting the ‘sea’ and the ‘land’ dry first before adding the ‘sky’ and the ‘boat’.

I am really proud of everyone this week. Learning how to collage is quite tricky – it takes time and patience!

Well done Year 1 – you are amazing!


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