Brilliant Beat Making in Year 6!

In preparation for their big composing topic next term, Year 6 have been brilliantly bashing away at beats using the fantastic Charanga YuStudio app. Modelled on up-to-date music software, this user friendly app is entirely web-based, and you can get great results from it!

I was so impressed to see them using their previous learning to create a drum beat and add a baseline. Using their knowledge of time signatures and beat divisions, they were able to create a starting beat where the kick drum plays on beats 1 and 3, with the snare drum on beats 2 and 4 and the hi-hat on every quaver stroke. Using this as a template they were able to experiment from there. Complicated stuff, and as if that wasn’t enough they’ve also learnt to create new layers to their projects to add baselines. The speed at which they have picked this up is incredible. Watch out Mark Ronson, you’ll be out of work in no time with this lot hot on your heals!

Each member of Year 6 has their own log-in for the software, so if they would like to have a go at home then they can do so here:

Here they are hard at work and getting creative!



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