Classroom fun and Welly Walk

We are having such a great time getting to know our friends and learning together. Here we are in our classroom, exploring lots of different areas.


We have been learning a new rhyme – Cup of Tea. Here we are using our tiny tea sets to help us learn the rhyme.

Can you see what we are doing in our classroom?

We also went on our first welly walk, exploring the world around us – look at the beautiful things we found!

Well done for another great week at school.

12 comments on “Classroom fun and Welly Walk

  1. What a lovely day for a welly walk! It looks like so much fun, Isobel has really enjoyed every day πŸ˜€

  2. What a lovely day for a welly walk! This evening we were singing about Wiggly Woo at dinner😊

  3. Benjamin Puddick says:

    It looked as if you had great fun on your sunny welly walk today!

  4. A great idea to learn a new rhyme in the classroom , especially about A cup of tea,
    The welly walk looked great fun, learning about and finding lots of things of interest.

  5. Tom and Katie Dunne says:

    Arthur has had a great week, thank you! He has been teaching us all the tea cup song too πŸ™‚

  6. Such a shame that Ava missed her first welly walk today. It looks as though they all had a lovely time! 😍

  7. Gemma Jarman says:

    Rosie has come out of school everyday telling me she had a really fun day at school.
    Telling me so much about the welly walk. Very good week 😊

  8. Fiona Wilson says:

    Toby was so excited about his welly walk and has really enjoyed his week! Thank you x

  9. Marie Wilson-Browne says:

    Isabella had a great day at school, she loves the welly walks and the little kitchen. X

  10. Pixie has had such a nice week and told us all about her first welly walk and finding a feather and 2 leaves! She loved meeting her buddy Molly and seeing her big sister at break time 😊

  11. James has really enjoyed his start to reception! He says he particularly enjoyed playing with the sparkly treasure today!

  12. Jon Gammidge says:

    It’s great to see them having fun and being outside

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