Year Four are ROCKIN’ and ROLLIN’!

Year Four are ROCKIN’ and ROLLIN’!

TT Rockstars


This morning, Year Four were reintroduced to TT Rockstars. Becoming fluent in their times tables is a huge objective this year as it helps them with all other areas of maths. We began by looking at the website and how it works.

The children also found out that the quicker they answer the questions, the higher up on our ‘Rock Chart’ they will go. If children can become really confident with their times tables, then they may even earn a badge!

A letter has come home today explaining a little more about how TT Rockstars can help children become more fluent and confident with their tables. The children have also stuck their logins inside their Reader Record books as they can also play this online game at home.

I wonder how many Rock Legends we will have by the end of the year…

Mr. P (aka Sade Kasher)


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