Hot or Not?

This week in year 1 we have been learning about the continents and different countries around the world.

We have been linking this with our weather learning from earlier in the half term where we thought about different climates and extreme weather conditions such as snowstorms and droughts.

We started off making a list of countries that we thought were either ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’.

We then learnt about the equator and how countries that are closer to the equator are hotter than countries that are further away.

Below you can see us finding the equator on our world map, and checking the countries that we had on our list to decide if it is hot or not!!

Well done year 1 – a great Geography session.

One comment on “Hot or Not?

  1. Ostin has loved learning all about the equator. It’s lovely to hear him tell us all the things he’s learnt. We have lots to chat about at dinner & he starts off conversations and asks lots of questions. Thank you Miss Curtis .

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