Moon Zoom

What a fantastic first day back at school we have had in Year 1 today!

To get our new topic ‘Moon Zoom’ started, we have been making our own spaceships and rockets.

This morning we started by drawing simple rocket designs to help us gather our ideas and start thinking about the materials we would need. We focused on how to make certain parts attached, such as wings. We worked out that by using folds to make tabs we could attach them better and this would make it more stable. We then collected all of the bits and started to assemble – this activity focused on problem solving which can be quite tricky. Everyone was very resilient and we have ended up with a class set of amazing spacecrafts!! Below you can see some action shots of us mid -making!

Our next activity involved using computer programs to design and make our own aliens. I was really impressed with how well Year 1 worked together – supporting one another with IT issues and showing one another how to use the drawing tools. The results were fantastic – you can see some of them below.

This afternoon we have been exploring the properties of materials. The lesson started off with some group work, looking at different objects and matching the appropriate vocabulary to them. We then looked in more detail at some of these words and what they really mean / look like in real life, such as ‘absorbent’ and ‘transparent’. As a whole class we finished off the lesson talking through different properties together, explaining which material we would use for certain jobs and how their properties would make them the most suitable match.

A jam packed and fun filled day in Year 1!!

Well done everyone, can we do it all again tomorrow?!

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