Sleeping in class? Don’t mind if we do!

This week saw the start of a new Relax Kids unit for Year 5 and we really enjoyed it!  Sian told us that it is ok to yawn as it means we are relaxing and we were encouraged to snuggle and have a snooze at the end of the session!  Greta!

We love the 7 steps to relaxing with Sian.  Starting with Movement and Play, we enjoyed a great traffic lights game!  The Stretch and Feel steps really made us think about our bodies and relaxing different limbs.  Breathing and Believing were great mindful activities to focus ourselves and build our confidence.  Finally, the Relax step was brilliant as we could really enjoy some time to slow down, focus and settle our minds.

Thank you Sian, we are really excited to continue this unit with you this term!

One comment on “Sleeping in class? Don’t mind if we do!

  1. Imogen potts says:

    I really enjoy relax kids
    It’s so much fun .

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