The Southill Sound Collector

The Southill Sound Collector


Recently, Year 4 have been learning all about Roger McGough’s infamous poem ‘The Sound Collector’. This poem involves a stranger stealing all of the sounds in your surroundings, leaving you in total silence. We began to think of what sounds we might hear at Southill and how quiet the school might be if the stranger decided to steal them.

Year 4 were then set the task of creating their very own poem inspired by Roger McGough. I must say, the quality of the poems were incredible. The children thought carefully about how they could structure their stanzas to reflect different parts of the school, used interesting verbs and personification to hook the reader and some children even got their poem to rhyme! You can see an example of one of our excellent poems below.

Well done, Year 4. Some spectacular pieces of poetry!

Mr. Prior


A stranger called this morning

Dressed all in black and grey

Put every sound into a bag 

And carried them away


The whispering of the wind

The swishing of the trees

The scream of the children

The scraping of their knees


The groaning of the staff

The slurping of their coffee

The cracking of the ice packs

The scoffing of the toffee


The clattering of the cutlery 

On the table-top

When the children shoot outside 

The staff tell them to STOP


The dinging of the doorbell

The ringing of the phone

The tapping of the keyboards

And working all alone


The giggling of the pupils

The tutting of the clock

The scribbling of the pen

The bell gives us a shock


The sprinkling of the glitter

The spreading of the glue

The chomping of the scissors 

As the child holds in his poo


The flicking through the pages

The search for a brilliant book

The whispering behind the bookshelf

As the teacher gives ‘the look’


A stranger called this morning

He didn’t leave his name

Left the school in total silence

Southill will never be the same 


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