Toothy Smiles 

Toothy Smiles 

This afternoon, we continued to learn all about our digestive system, focusing specifically on teeth! We recapped all the names of the teeth, what their function is and how they help to break down food before you are able to swallow it. The children then explored the importance of good oral hygiene…

The children began the afternoon by brushing their teeth. They were then given a disclosing tablet which highlights any lingering plaque on your teeth to show you just how effectively you are brushing. We then discussed how we can brush/look after our teeth better and this is what we came up with:


-Brush in a small circular motion in order to remove plaque between teeth

-Brush your teeth for two minutes

-Don’t forget to brush your tongue to help eradicate bad breath

-Brush the back of your teeth as well as the front

-Use dental floss and mouthwash

-Use fluoride toothpaste

-Avoid consuming too many sugary foods and drinks

-Brush teeth at least twice a day (before breakfast and before bed) 

-Do not rinse your mouth with water after toothbrushing as it washes away the fluoride which provides protection for your teeth


We then handed out mirrors and the children had another go at making their teeth squeaky clean! To conclude the afternoon, the children had a go at a quiz all about teeth and absolutely SMASHED it, demonstrating just how much they had learnt about oral hygiene!

An unusual way to spend an afternoon, however it was very enjoyable and the children learnt a great deal about how to look after their toothy smiles.


Mr. Prior



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  2. Hannah Gammon says:

    It was so fun 🙂😊🙂😊🙂😊

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