Friends of Southill School

Why we love FOSS

The children of Southill Primary School are very lucky to be supported by our hard-working Parent and Teacher Association, who we call Friends of Southill School (FOSS).

You might not realise this but all parents are automatically members of FOSS. This is good for the school and our children because it means that we can have closer and more effective links with parents via the events FOSS organise and the fund-raising they do for school.

A thriving PTA is essential for any good school. Not only do FOSS provide an opportunity for parents to get together, it also raises thousands of pounds for the school. Dorset is one of the lowest funded authorities in the country and Southill really struggles to make ends meet, so any help with the purchase of exciting extras for the children is always welcome.

For instance, without their support, the whole school visit to the Christmas pantomime at Weymouth Pavilion would not be able to go ahead. Every class trip is subsidised from FOSS funds to make them more affordable for parents. Each class benefits from an annual donation, too. FOSS organise discos, an Easter Egg hunt and our much-enjoyed Christmas and Spring Fayres – these all offer a chance to pull together as a school and do something lovely for the good of the children.

Fabulous FOSS do some fantastic work for the school and to parents are always welcome to join help the school. They are not a large intimidating organisation by any means; they are a friendly, enthusiastic group of people who enjoy getting involved. If you would like to take part, just call the school office and tell them you would be interested in helping and someone from FOSS will contact you.

Whatever your level of involvement, please support the work of FOSS wherever you can, such by attending the Fayres and contributing to their fundraising.