Outstandingly Happy

Here at Southill we are really proud of our Outstandingly Happy status, awarded to us in June 2019 in recognition of our positive thinking and wellbeing focus throughout the whole school.

What began as part of an ambitious and revolutionary project in collaboration with The Art of Brilliance implementing several positive thinking strategies and techniques, has now grown into a very important part of our daily lives – positivity runs through the veins of our school.  We have found that having a positive attitude not only helps us with our learning but most importantly boosts our confidence, self-esteem and general wellbeing.  As a result this naturally leads to more a happier life and we are more likely to be successful too!

Check out these helpful videos that we made, we are sure that you’ll find them useful:


Be a 2%er! NOT a Mood Hoover.  This is a well-known phrase here at Southill – we take pride in being part of the 2% of people who choose to have a positive outlook, it really works!


We also like to aim high with Outstandingly Awesome Aspirations for our future, knowing the steps that we need to take in order to achieve our goals: