Home Learning

At Southill, we believe Home Learning is an important way for children to practise key skills they need to progress well in school. It is also an excellent way for parents to keep up with what their child is learning in the classroom and to see the progress they are making week by week.

Each child has a Home Learning Book in which we set weekly tasks for children to complete. This will be a writing task – with a set of spellings to learn – and number facts to learn. Both the spellings and the number facts (6x table, for instance) are tested in school on Fridays. All the tasks are appropriate to your child and relevant to what they have been learning at school.

Parents have asked that we set no home learning over holidays – and so we don’t! All we ask is that children read as much as possible over the holiday period, with some of that time spent reading to an adult. Reading really is the most important (and enjoyable!) thing a child can do at home.

All Home Learning Books are sent home on Fridays and should be returned by the following Thursday.

Please remember… home learning should be a fun time together – if it becomes a struggle, please don’t force it.  Step back, and try again another day.  Remember that we are all trying to encourage a love of learning in a more general sense. Your class teacher will always be happy to advise and to help.